Creepy Ghost Pictures Caught On Camera

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Ten Creepy Ghost Pictures Caught On Camera By Mistake And They Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight.

These Ghost Pictures were just some pictures taken by family and friends until the snaps came out and they noticed something creepy in them. Be it a smoky figure or a face or an arm coming out from somewhere, these photographs are by far the creepiest I’ve come across. I had heard you can capture ghostly figures on camera and now, I’ve seen the proof. It’s unbelievable and I hope they aren’t real.

#1 Dietmar’s Halo

Dietmar lives in Germany, and in this ghost picture he has a kind of halo! The photo was taken in a botanical garden in Hannover in 2007. The roof was glass, so the first solution to the mystery was that it was a light reflection, but the form of the halo is not uniform. This is not a fake and Dietmar has been looking for an answer for some years. Perhaps you have one…. Also, Dietmar thinks he’s not a special or holy person.

He does not have a definitive answer, Dietmar, although thinks the light reflection on the lens of the camera is still a good possibility. Another possibility is that it is some kind of device (watering device?) in the background.

#2 DVR Ghost

Debra has a home that was built around 1886,” says Debra, “and there have been hundreds of experiences from apparitions visiting, voices caught on DVR giving answers to questions asked by herself and her sister, shadows seen, and things moving. Debra let others listen to these recordings, but because what they are saying is so clear, people don’t believe that they’re real.

“These spirits have also used her now 12-year-old to channel through while he’s sleeping.

Debra was taking photos one night of her kitchen to enter a sweepstakes for a free remodeling and thought she would take random pictures. In this one she caught a picture of a man. It looks as though there are other people as well, but she can’t be sure.

She wishes she was able to communicate with these people and find out who they are, but she quit using the DVR since she heard an empty gun being shot and then cocked. This scared Debra to the point she almost wanted to move, so she try and ignore the sounds and things moving.

#3 Ghost Photobombs Selfie

Krishna is from India, and strange thing happened to him in October, 2014. His father brought a Nikon Coolpix camera. On 30th October, all his family went to a wedding, but Krishna stayed home as he had an exam the next day. After reading for awhile, Krishna got bored and he saw the new camera his father brought. Krishna was testing it, taking photos. And then he took a selfie.

“As the screen of the camera was only 2.5 inches, he could only see his face.

Krishna didn’t look at the background clearly. After moving the photos to the computer, he saw something or someone standing behind him in the selfie! Krishna zoomed in… it has no face. It’s like someone was moving fast, but there was no one in his house. I Krishna was alone in his home!”

#4 Weird Smoke

Tom took this photo back in early 2012 in a flat in Oxford, U.K.,. “It’s a friend of mine. Freaked him out when he saw it.”

Many ghost researchers refer to anomalies like this in photos as “ecto” or ectoplasm, although that’s probably not what it is at all. In some cases this smoky stuff turns out to be just that — smoke, usually from a cigarette. Other times it might be caused by fog or vapor from a person’s breath in chilly weather.

Still other times the source or cause isn’t so easy to pin down.

Occasionally, this “ecto” takes on an eerie form, such as in Tom’s photo here. We cannot say for certain what has caused this formation, but the possibilities are:

  • Smoke, as from a cigarette
  • Breath vapor
  • Fog (although it’s indoors)
  • A digital (Photoshop) creation or manipulation – a complete hoax
  • A thought form
  • A genuine apparition

Smoke and naturally occurring fog and vapor can and do accidentally create these forms that we interpret as faces and other shapes. In this case, however, because the face is so eerily “perfect,” I am guessing that this is digital creation.

#5 July Fourth Phantom

At a 4th of July (2014) fireworks at Fort Stewart, Georgia,” writes Petra Brooks. People sat in a parking lot with just a few other people, only a few hundred feet away from Warrior’s Walk, which is a place around the parade field that has hundreds of trees, each planted for a fallen soldier.

Petra Brooks was snapping pictures of her granddaughter playing and running with the two young boys of the man in the light blue shirt.

The pictures came out a little blurry because the kids were running and it was dusk, but when Petra went through to delete them, she came upon this shot!

Petra daughter-in-law was right next to her, watching her delete the shots and saw the figure the same time she did. Petra cropped it down and immediately shared it with the gentleman in light blue and the few other people with them in the parking lot. There was NO ONE walking past or standing there when Petra took the shot.

#6 Little Girl Ghost with Deer

This picture is from Oklahoma, of two deer and a little girl in a white nightgown in the woods in the middle of the night.

It’s kinda of strange and the little girl is clear as day. It’s really hard what to make of it. If it’s a ghost or an actual living girl, one of the deer is aware of the little girl, looking right at her, and the other deer looking at the camera.

The little girl also seems aware of the camera.

    • It’s a fabricated photo, with the little girl added to the game cam photo with photo editing software. (Or the deer were added to a picture of the little girl.) This is always a possibility these days, and quite easily done.
    • It’s a set up to intentionally create a ghost photo. The real little girl is actually standing there with real deer. If this is the case, these deer are not shy of people or at least of this little girl. Otherwise, they would have run off. And maybe they did a split-second after the photo was taken.
    • It’s not a set-up, but the girl and the deer are actually there together, photographed by chance. This raises some questions:
    • Why is the little girl out in the woods at night in her nightgown?
    • Do the game cam owners know the little girl? If not, did they try to find out or notify the police of the incident?


    • It’s the ghost of a little girl.

#7 Mysterious Mist picture

Back in 2012 Don was researching around Robb Canyon (Nevada) and took this picture.

Don hasn’t published pictures showing this type of misty anomaly in a long time because he suspected that they are not paranormal in nature, although some researchers maintain that they represent spirit energy.

Don’s theory is that the mist is atmospheric water vapor (or breath vapor) illuminated by the camera flash. (He has never seen this mist phenomenon appear in pictures taken in ambient light, without a flash.)

However, there are some problems with this theory:

Don writes-

  • I have personally witnessed instances in which the mist appeared in one picture, but not in another taken a split second later from the same vantage point. If it is water vapor, why wouldn’t it appear in both pictures? (For that matter, if it were spirit energy, why wouldn’t it appear in both pictures taken a split second apart?)
  • In this specific picture, obviously taken in cold December temperatures, would there be mist rising from the ground, which is moisture evaporating into the air?

Perhaps in this case, it is breath vapor from the photographer, or nearby person, floating away from the camera.

But if this is the explanation, why doesn’t breath vapor show up far more frequently in pictures?

So, although I am not prepared to say that this anomaly is paranormal, I don’t have an explanation that works for every case. I invite photo experts, paranormal researchers, and anyone else to submit their ideas or, if you have it, proof positive of what causes this phenomenon.


#8 Parsonage Ghost

Lu Ann lives in Ravenna, Ohio. In May of 2007, her son took a photograph of their home with a digital camera. What appeared in this photo is very disturbing: An image of what appears to be a child is clearly seen looking out of the window.

Lu Ann’s home is a former parsonage and has a history of paranormal activity, which sometimes is very frightening. Lu Ann was the only person in the house at the time the photo was taken, as her husband was in a nursing home recovering from brain surgery due to cancer.

Lu Ann believes that the image in this photo is what is haunting their home. She is not sure if the image is something negative in nature.

This pictures is featured in Mr. Gordon Rutter’s book  Ghosts Caught on Film 3: Photographs of the Supernatural

#9 Pool House Ghost

Cathy took this picture with her cell phone while lying by her pool, If you zoom in on the window in the pool house, you will see a face looking out at you on the top portion of the window.”

Cathy was asked if she was sure that there was no one in the pool house.

Her reply:

“Positive,” she says. “I was all by myself sitting by the pool. My husband wasn’t home and my son was across the street with his friend.

I took the picture so that I could use it as my wallpaper on my work computer. That’s when I noticed the face.”

It definitely looks like a face. The question is: Is it a ghost? There are three possibilities here:

  • It is a face — of a real, live person in the pool house (or a picture of a face).
  • It is pareidolia— that is, just an illusion caused by light and shadow on something in the pool house that in this case just happens to look like a face.
  • Is is a ghost?

#10 Shadow Hat Man Caught on Camera

Taken at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

RusselI was working through his photos and took a while before realizing there was a ‘shadow’ at the far end of the corridor. Upon zooming in, RusselI thought that the shadowy figure on the back wall was a damp patch on the stone.

It’s not a damp patch; look at the way the ‘damp’ cuts across the larger stone (as an ex-geo, I found this very odd), and even has an upward element on the ‘brim’ of the ‘hat’ (on the right).

Upon entering the dungeon, it was much cooler than outside – obviously – but at the time of taking the first shot RusselI remember a very chill blast, so much so that he looked around after the shot expecting to see a door having swung open to let in the wind. There was nothing.”

Did Russell capture an image of the often-glimpsed shadow hat man?

#11 Tall Shadow Entity

“Many things happened here,” says Shelly R. of her house in Rome, New York. “Books flying off the shelves, being touched, black shadows out of the corner of her eyes…. Shelly came home one day to find a 5-lb. bag of unopened sugar sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Lights going on and off.

“One day her boyfriend was perfectly fine one minute and the next he became violently ill, being hospitalized for a week.

They couldn’t find the source of his illness. Shelly believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was attacked by an entity.

After remodeling the bathroom, the door would fly open continuously, even after shutting it tight. Shelly had a dog and cat that became ill and died. Footsteps upstairs when no one was up there. Feeling of being watched all the time.

“My son owns the house and we have moved out since. It has two apartments. He has been trying to sell the house, but every time he has a potential buyer, something happens and the deal falls through. He thinks something evil has attached itself to him since he went to an estate sale in North Bay, where the owner committed suicide and of all things he bought a cross. As soon as he left, his transmission went. And he has had nothing but bad luck since, and it has been 10 years. He threw the cross across a field of the sand plains in Rome, thinking there was a connection.

“In his own home, he has had some problems, too… someone breathing in his face at night while sleeping and other things.

The house where the pic was taken was built in 1850 and at one time was a funeral home.”

#12 Wheelchair Ghost

This was taken taken in the basement of Kith Haven Assisted Living in Flint, Michigan on November 23, 2012 by an employee who said she saw it with her eyes, grabbed a phone, and took this picture.

This photo was sent to a friend and co-worker. He received it from his ex-wife. Her cousin took it. She said she was working in the basement of the home and was walking quickly between rooms when she noticed something from the corner of her eye.

She stepped back and it was right there — and stayed there — while she took the picture with her phone! She was amazed to see the image in the center of the hall — could not believe it was real!

Everyone can see a man in a white shirt, possibly in a wheel chair, but look again: I see a man pushing a woman with her arms crossed over her chest. I can see her face turned to the right. Could it be this caregiver is still on the job?


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