He Thought He Was Slapping Away An Opossum…But It Was Actually A Porcupine

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In the animal kingdom, you might say that no two creatures are more different than the porcupine and the opossum. Okay, maybe they’re a little bit similar, but when you put them next to each other, it’s easy to tell them apart.

Unless, of course, it’s dark out and you’ve had a few drinks. At that point, pretty much everything looks the same. That’s a painful lesson that this Brazilian man learned over the weekend.

Antonio Rodrigues Mororó was throwing a party at his home in Rio when he got a call from a guest who was too afraid to ring his doorbell.

Flickr / Monica R.

She told Mororó that there was an opossum blocking the doorway. Being the fearless man he is, Mororó went out there to take care of the situation.

Flickr / James Gates

However, instead of simply shooing it away, Mororó decided to slap the creature…which turned out to be a very unhappy porcupine.

Flickr / USFWS Mountain-Prairie

The result was a handful of 400 quills. Looks painful, right?


Doctors administered multiple doses of anesthetic before they removed the quills. Mororó’s anguished cries were heard throughout the hospital.


As for the porcupine, it got away and is still roaming around in Mororó’s neighborhood. It’s probably looking for revenge.


Flickr / Denali National Park and Preserve

This is why you don’t go up to wild animals and slap them in the face. It makes me sad that this isn’t common knowledge.

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