More Weird Spheres Are Falling From The Sky Over Spain

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More Weird Spheres Are Falling From The Sky Over Spain


By the time we realize that aliens are invading our planet, it will be too late. There will, of course, be a few of us who saw the signs (and will enjoy dishing out an endless list of “I told you so” remarks from inside an alien labor camp).

One event that these people will probably point to is the fact that massive, inexplicable hunks of space junk keep falling from the sky over Europe.

A bunch of black spheres have been falling out of the sky and landing in the Spanish countryside. The one pictured below is the third to hit the ground this month.

Despite the frequency of these appearances, no one is even close to finding an answer.

Local police are still waiting on a comprehensive analysis about the first two objects that were found earlier this month. In the meantime, the area has been quarantined.

There are pretty polarized explanations floating around out there right now, ranging from man-made space junk to alien pod people.

While it’s hard to make a connection without hard data, residents have pointed to strange UFOs that have recently been spotted in the sky, such as the one below.

(via Mysterious Universe)

This mystery just keeps getting weirder and weirder. What the heck are these things, and should we all start panicking? I’m going to start stocking up on canned foods.

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