These Creatures From The Deep With Human Teeth Are Nature’s Cruelest Joke

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Aside from our primate relatives, not many animals resemble humans in any way. Honestly, we’re pretty odd-looking creatures from head to toe if you stack us up against other species.

But these fish have developed a horrifyingly humanlike trait. If you look inside their mouths, you’ll see something oddly familiar.

Sheepshead fish


The sheepshead fish has rows upon rows of teeth…and they look weirdly similar to ours. Like us, they eat a wide variety of foods, so their pearly whites help in that regard.



Their teeth aren’t quite as similar to ours as those of the sheepshead fish, but they do rock a sweet buck-tooth aesthetic. These things are no joke, though. Their bite packs a nasty punch.

Promachoteuthis sulcus


The Promachoteuthis sulcus looks distinctly humanlike in the mouth department. I’m going to have nightmares about this thing.

Pacu fish


Are you sure those aren’t dentures? The pacu fish’s teeth are probably the most similar to ours out of any fish on this list.

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